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Find The Beauty Of Benin with a Rental Car!

Benin is a West African country with a population of 9 million; a majority of them living along the coast. It covers around 110,000 sq kilometers. Most of this land falls under tropical and sub-Saharan climate.

Why Go To Benin?

It’s beautiful for one, and the cultural background and history is amazing. The people of Benin have amazing stories related to their culture, and this is all shown in the palaces such as those in Abomey and the architectural sites in the capital city Porto Novo. Not to mention a group of the greatest wildlife sites in West Africa.

While you are there…

You can visit the beautiful beaches and the breath taking waterfalls of the land. You could also visit cultural villages such as the Pile villages. Wildlife areas include the Pendjari Wildlife Park among others. The Musee Historique d’Abomey is another destination you must see while you are there to make sure you get the whole Benin experience. This is just but to mention a few.


In Benin, there are numerous hotels, villas, and my personal favorite- home cottages. These are spread out in the country with many being around the beach assuring beautiful views and entertaining lifestyle for those who are looking for some fun. There also those in more conservative areas that will keep you feeling at peace. In short, everyone can enjoy a good time in Benin throughout their stay.

How you’ll get there


By plane most of the time but it is also possible to get there by ship for those who had visited a bordering country. There is also the option of getting there on road for a more adventurous crowd.

What you will need

The republic of Benin, like most, requires that you have a passport and a visa. Any thing that might be specialized for an individual such as medical information will be specified in the Benin embassy in your area.

Transportation and Car Hire within Benin

Transportation would include planes, trains, road and air. Obviously the cheapest and safest would be by road. There are bus services and other vehicle services such as taxis and car rental services.

Some reasons why you should rent a car in Benin

Car rental services assure you that you have more freedom and more convenience as compared to the use of taxis.

With car rental services you have the freedom to drive yourself, and as we all know, with all the road related accidents, it may be unsafe to trust your life and possibly that of your family to a stranger.

The car hire services are very efficient and assure that you get what you feel suits you. For those who will mainly focus on the wildlife areas in Benin there are 4 wheel drives that will do more than suit your needs. Not forgetting the feeling of liberty and youth that comes with driving along the beach with the top down! There is convenience, and a variety of cars with the car hire services in Benin that you can not find with public service vehicles.

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